La Paz

Its coming did not satisfy the expectation policy of a new time of the Venezuelan, and the ruling chaos, nourished of rises and to drive guerrilla (disputes between Venezuelans), was translated in an enormous political deception from the point of view of the national stability and La Paz. The historical coup d’etat mentality that had founded Betancourt for the republic on its phase ” democrtica” , from the overthrow of Isaiah Medina Angarita in 1.945, it passed invoice to him, and there was a world of paradoxical you consisted between a democracy that suffered from the same vices of the dictatorship in the matter of social problems and human rights and the recent dethroned dictatorship. There was the easy impression of a greater instability. So that it was a fraud feeling, of treason, which spread between the Venezuelan, facing the expectation generated by the magnificent historical experience of political and social consensus against the dictatorship. The diverse sectors of the society and the conglomerate of the political parties, besides sectors of the Armed Forces and people in the street (popular forces), they had been united against the MPJ regime until overthrowing it. The later process that followed of refundacin of the republic was a highly missing fact to that spirit of unit that was developed from its beginnings and that ruined at the same moment at which the pact of political cupolas excluding the left organizations occurred (Pact of Fixed point). There a candidate had remembered consensus to propose it in the elections of 1,958 and, as he knows himself, after the meeting, every one ” he hauled burra” for its side.