Leaflets Flyers Booklets

Leaflets – printed materials intended for mass distribution, and carries the information about the unique selling proposition. History of leaflets has more than one hundred years. If the leaflets were originally in Basically, political or religious content, today they got more publicity in nature (if we disregard the campaign leaflet). Flyers are probably one of the most popular ways impact on the buyer. The reason is, first of all, a variety of paper formats, printing methods and, of course, relatively low cost. Print full color flyers can be black or white, as one-sided and bilateral.

In addition, depending on the purpose for which required leaflets chosen format and paper weight. If, for example, you are going to distribute them on the street or throw in the mailboxes, then it will be better printing leaflets small format on lighter paper. If you are preparing for an exhibition, it is best to choose a format and larger, and the weight of the paper is not worth saving. As for the design of leaflets, there it depends only on the imagination. The only thing to remember – the text should not be too small and easy to read, and the most important elements of the leaflet is better to make larger and / or select a different color so that they immediately conspicuous. Flyers – are the same leaflets, which are distinctive features, perhaps, only the content and format. The standard size flyer – 210h100 mm, ie third of the A4. As for the content of the flyer, then he Unlike flyers, does not describe the company and its proposed products, but rather announces promotions or conduct various events.

Flyers make good use during the instant promotions. In addition, becoming more popular form of advertising printing, flyers are an excellent complement to other forms of advertising. Design flyers a little different from the design of leaflets. The leaflet is more descriptive nature, so its design can be more moderate, avoiding very colorful tones. The task of flyers – as quickly as possible to attract the target audience, so its design should be creative, bright and colorful. Hyundai is the source for more interesting facts. But at the same feel it is important to measure because its too rich design a flyer and may alienate potential customers. That is why the design is better left to professionals. Booklets – is folded into one or more once the leaflets, which are very popular among the print media advertising. There are a variety of booklets, but the most common one is A4 size with two folds. This is the most convenient format, because in this case leaflet is both compact and meaningful, allowing you to place a sufficient amount of information. Distributed leaflets, especially at exhibitions, fairs, presentations, or through the trading facilities. Booklet printing is the same as printing flyers. Brochures – a kind of booklets, which differ only in the number of pages. In contrast to the booklet, the booklet consists of more pages (four or more) that you can have more information and the most complete description of the company. There are several ways to bond brochures. The most common – it bonding metal bracket, or using glue. The metal bracket will be relevant for a small number of pages. If the brochure is very broad and stapling is not possible in this case hot melt glue is used.