Marie Clair

Typically, these conditions are complied with correctly by the editorial board in two cases: to promote a stable brand advertised in the pages of the magazine or is stylistically unique in this season and marked the editors of fashion even on the podium. Another possibility editorial – the use of photographs of clothing and accessories in regular magazine columns. For example, in the Russian version of the magazine L'Officiel there are constants for the 'Stores' and 'Shopping', which tell about the most interesting in terms of editorial, fashion news in Russia. Even a cursory review of the specific issue of the journal identify patterns between the appearance of advertising pages a particular brand and its mention in the above categories. Thus, realized advertising editorial policy regarding advertisers. Advertisers also receive additional promotional bonuses for their brands. Ordinary reader often does not pay attention to the laws of this 'group' feed the advertised product by treating with a high degree of confidence in the material in the category of editorial.

Somewhat apart from the general focus on the world of fashion magazines are Marie Clair and 'She'. They emphasize its readers in the world, mainly in women in general, but fashion reviews, and guides to the boutiques have an important place in the pages of these publications. This is of course, is sustained interest in advertisers, operating in the fashion business. Would like to mention that the fashion magazines is very high so-called secondary audience (see Table 1.), Sometimes several times overlapping copies of the publication.