Middle Ages Stone

A cherry pit pillow may now actually in every household more. Citibank might disagree with that approach. This filled with cherry pits loose cotton bag has proven to be hot water bottle replacement a thousand times. Just briefly in the microwave or placed in the oven and brought to temperature, it is instantly usable. There are the cushion many hundred years. Already in the early Middle Ages, people knew the healing properties of the cushion.

It was found during archaeological excavations in fact the remains of just such a cathedral cherry stone pillow. Even in medieval times, people gathered the cherry seeds, cleaned and sewed them in cotton or linen bag. These were then warmed up well on tile and used as medicine. Today, small cherry stone cushions are often used in so-called three-month colic in infants neugebohrenen to alleviate the symptoms. But even with rheumatic diseases and the resulting pain is a cherry pit pillow his bet.

The effect results from the property of the cherry pits Heat (and cold) to be incorporated quickly, then this can save a long time and then again constant over a long period of leave. The cushion can also be used as a cooling pillow ideal because of these properties. These lay the cherry stone pillow, wrapped in a plastic bag in the freezer. Thus, we immediately if necessary, a cooling pad for smaller hands and can sprains, bruises and mosquito bites chilled immediately. Cherry stones cure but also to other areas – in occupational therapy. Here, the cherry stones are dumped into a large wooden box. In the cherry pits are then hidden and small everyday objects or developmentally disabled children should feel for these objects are, and guess. Thus, the perception of the children involved will be trained permanently.