Millennium Development

Who falls has no friends.Turkish proverb speaks of social revolution with much insistence, passion, economic transformations that help to solve the serious problem faced by many Latin American countries as a result of poverty in which millions of inhabitants live. It proclaims the importance of giving way to a new socialism, that allow paddling a bit sad reality and unfortunately the statistical data on the number of poor people in Latin America is alarming, where everything seems to indicate that the economic programmes, strategies to combat it on the part of some Governments such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, to mention a few have not yielded resultsand can be several causes for this ranging from bad management, bad competence of funds, poor distribution of wealth, corruption, unemployment, non-business productivity, economy, inflation among other issues. Be considered as it is known, that poverty and destitution are measured in based on the ability to meet a basic basket of goods and services. The poor reach only to cover some needs of the basket, while only reaches the indigent to satisfy their nutritional requirements. In this regard notes us, that the World Bank announced that during 2009 there will be 90 million people who will enter nothing envied club of those living in extreme poverty, is to say that according to the parameters set the international agency, they will have less than $1.25 per day in income. In 2005 it was estimated that this sad club members were around 1.3 billion souls, but the global economic crisis that now covers much of the world did much to increase that figure easily.

These terrible figures put at risk one of the objectives of the Millennium Development proposed by the United Nations, i.e. reaching a level of poverty that represents 50% of which is reckoned in 1990. In the case of Latin America, World Bank It was reported in March that would be 6,000,000 people that will go to extreme poverty in 2009, implying that they would lack not less than 2 years of stable economic growth to recover from this situation, which is unlikely given the current Outlook for the economy at the regional and global level.