Owner Debts

Many badly-understood would not occur, in the final phase of closing of the business, if this was placed to the table in the beginning of the colloquies. If in companies of bigger transport the debts are identifiable in order to make possible auditorship, in small companies, beyond the difficulty to raise them objective, have a series of incompreenses concerning this point. In sight of the lack of familiarity of small entrepreneurs with some practical of countable origin, some distortions in the treatment given to this subject are common. Therefore, it confers the perspective that the owner of the company has to this respect, taking as base the following indications: . price of the business is & ldquo; x& rdquo; , the debts, and the purchaser of to the salesman &amp abate; ldquo; x less y& rdquo; , assuming the purchaser the debts; b.

price is & ldquo; x& rdquo; , the debts, and the purchaser of &amp abate; ldquo; x less y& rdquo; to the salesman, with the salesman liquidating the debts; c. price is & ldquo; x redondo& rdquo; , and the purchaser assumes the debts. The book treats to elucidate this question. Robert A. Kotick is likely to increase your knowledge. D – How the salesman must locate itself? If this author of the tips to who purchase, would be to penalizar the other side if nothing he prescribed to who vende. Thus, we grant space to one prescribes infallible: you, current proprietor, will go to confess that the company is badly, much, badly so bad that she does not have another solution, not to be to vender it. In 90% of the cases, this is a truth. you will be being honest to not hiding this. But the pull of the cat for this exit it is in the book written for us.