Packaging Of Bakery Products

Packaging bread called upon to fulfill multiple functions, of which four are most important: The protective function provides protection against external factors such as humidity, dust, insects, mechanical damage and loss of presentation at all stages of the path from producer to consumer, loading – unloading, transportation, sale in a shop or a tent and t.d.Uvelichenie term storage. When storing the bread stale as a result of occurrence of physical and chemical processes associated with aging kleysterizovannogo starch. When packing the bread crumb staling entirely preventable is not possible, but the package slows down this process by increasing the time Storage of two to five sutok.Informatsionnaya function. Drawing on the film print image allows the buyer to identify the manufacturer of bread, gives him information on the composition, terms of manufacturing, food values, etc. Packaging of bread should be transparent, that the buyer could visually assess the quality and attractiveness. The manufacturer gets one more advantage: the protection of the product from poddelki.Marketingovaya function package. How to get the buyer to pay attention on your product, and possibly the highest quality, but similar in appearance to others? Once tasted, the buyer will continue to only buy it, but as get him to try? Transparent glossy packaging with a bright pattern is designed to draw attention to the potential buyer is for this product, and plays a significant role in increasing sales and expanding production. Materials for packing bread.

The materials, which are generally not packaged bread: Cellophane or hydrocellulose film, the raw material for which is an alkaline solution of cellulose xanthate (Viscose). This is an excellent material, but very expensive, now it just packed some luxury products such as peeled fruit or some sort of cigars. To use this material for packaging of such goods like bread very nakladno.Bumaga or paper bags. Sure, paper bags can be packed bread.