Richard Lazarus

Hipotlamo is a distinct structure of the lmbico system, being one of the elements central offices of the system and to its redor they are the subcorticais structures, including septo, the paraolfativa area, epitlamo, the previous nucleus of the thalamus, part of the ganglia of the base, hipocampo and amgdala. E, surrounding you are areas, meet the cortex, orbitofrontal area cerebral that is situated in the ventral surface of the wolves frontals, understanding itself for the subcaloso, previous turn to the caloso body and the turn of cngulo; e, finally, I descend for the ventromedial surface of the secular wolf for the turn for-hipocampal and uncus. Paleocrtex, that it is a ring that surround the deep structures intimamentes associates to the general behavior and ace emotions, functioning in associative bidirectional communication and linkings between neocrtex and the inferior lmbicas structures (GUYTON, 1991). The system lmbico is related to the emotions, in a complex relation between the emotion-reason that if became recurrent in the thought of different philosophers. The origin of the studies of the emotion in the brain is something recurrent in the neurocincia that in sends the time to them of Aristotle who said of a on sensible soul to the emotion and a on rational soul the cognition. Since many years, that fisiologistas, philosophers, neurocientistas come discovering the advances of the emotion in the cognitivo. Recently scientists of the University of Stanford, Robert Zajonc and of the University of Berkeley, Richard Lazarus had entered in debates on the neural systems of the emotion. The Zajonc scientist affirms that the emotional judgment was fruit of the preparation of the organisms to fight and to run away and that they saw of amgdala, and that they answered without the process of the cognition. While Lazarus arguiu that the emotion cannot occur without a cognitiva evaluation if try signals of alert in the independent nervous system, our reply goes to depend on the situation where it is faced by the individual.