Road Safety

Will our political parties capable of taking road safety as a national project at the present time? In my view social sectors of the Dominican Republic to the parties intend to enter into a renewal process to restore credibility based on the ideological practice at the time mired in a crisis according to some political treatises. But this ideology in particular should promote a willingness to serve the common good, that is, to collect the exhalations legitimate and hope for the vast majority proposes to achieve this central objective through a programmatic basis, without distorting once you arrive to exercise power the State. Today political parties in our democratic system tend to participate in discussions that affect the life of the nation to agree on ideas tangible proof is the amendment to the Constitution of the Republic which came into effect recently successful participatory fitness them. Well, assuming that transcends various Road Safety areas of human development, such as social development, health, technology, knowledge, infrastructure, public safety, justice, youth development and women, economics, resource development and technology traffic engineering, energy sources, environment, knowledge sharing, implementation of a new model in the system of public and private management, among others, would be interesting too, agree on this issue as they have done in many countries currently presenting strategic and comprehensive plans to reduce traffic accidents and their consequences. Mean that the parties, playing a social reality as is the road safety, economic and cultural impact, participate in the implementation of public policies and / or public policy demand designs to yield positive balances in society. It is necessary that the Dominican Republic political parties included in government programs of Road Safety.

Offices also exist as organizations working within its structures as well as the legislative power to introduce bilateral commissions. Undertake a series of actions by the state and other actors could give visible signals that it would launch a genuine intention to implement public policies with respect to vision such a crucial issue that affects all Dominicans, without exception, it is therefore the responsibility of all, that would be political will.