Sergei Dobrego

Thus, building construction Solid wood includes the construction of a log ( or round) and beam (massive or laminated). Today, customers often make their choice, guided only by visual assessment of the material. To deepen your understanding Deputy Finance Minister is the source. That is why, according to Sergei Dobrego and usage statistics of various wooden technology in the construction of private houses has bias towards logs (up to 30% market share). But recently, this segment market tends to decrease. NMMU has compatible beliefs. More investors are willing to build houses of hewn (chopped) logs, which is considered one of the most fashionable materials. Preferring to this material, the customer must understand that it will severely restricted in the choice of design of the house.

Of such houses is blowing ancient Russian style. Alternatively, a log home is called laminated veneer lumber. House of the xxi Century In recent years the Russian market from abroad came new technologies wooden country house building: laminated veneer lumber, Half-timbered houses and sandwich panels for the frame-panel houses. That they more often stop their customers a choice. Glued laminated timber for some 3-4 years already won heart as stewards of the industrial, erecting cottage villages vip and middle-class as well as private customers. According to experts, today from laminated veneer lumber in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region is raised 15-20% of wooden houses. This material has lots of advantages. First, the laminated board initially dry, so the house does not shrink, to live in it can be immediately after construction. Secondly, from laminated veneer lumber, you can create designs with up to 20 meters, removes the architectural limitations of wooden construction.