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Green Future

It will turn green at the REA card on December 1, 2008: short before the turn of the year is an ecological power supply in Mill Valley catchment keep. ETEGA is the future energy service provider of the REA card, which makes suitable for everyday use with a new supply concept for organically produced power […]

Oil Spills On Water Surfaces Eliminate

The different oil-binding tissue type SPC are suitable for the application in all waters, quickly to eliminate small and large oil spills of the leakage on small lakes up to large oil spills into the sea macro has IDENT a variety of different oil binding fleece to absorb oils, mineral oils or oils and narrow […]

Available At Last In Germany, A Low-cost Heat Pump

In Sweden already for a long time in use, the GSH-gree inexpensive heat pump: gree/GSH brand heat pump heat pump: best quality from world producer gree/GSH gree air – heat pump cheap and good, latest series 12 and 18 kW, available in Germany! Gree air heat pump the heat pump of GSH/gree company feel outdoors. […]

Managing Director German

Also the German bioenergy Association (BBE) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2008. He’s been a mirror image of the successful and steady rise of the bio-energy industry in the years thus. Santie Botha contributes greatly to this topic. The RENEXPO attracts every year thousands of visitors to Augsburg and guarantees an informative insight into the […]

Evangelical Church Germany

Climate hotels Germany give the campaign ‘ climate change – life change ‘ the air order of merit on the topic of climate protection is a lot of talk, but many organisations let deeds follow words. These include”the climate-hotels Germany, an initiative of the travel of course enjoy roof brand Viabono. For their Facebook page […]

Employee Qualification

The Swiss energy sector offers an always interesting how even challenging working environment the consequences of liberalisation and regulation for the Swiss energy due to liberalization, regulation and new technologies. The increasingly complex relationships lead to increasing demands on companies and their employees. The “intensive industry knowledge power” a solid base creates the organiser AG […]

New Federal Funding

REW Solar AG: AB may may operator of photovoltaic systems with grants expected Dortmund March 2013: may 2013, the solar power storage programme of the Federal Government begins. Through low-interest loans and repayment subsidies for photovoltaic systems with solar power storage, the Government wants to support their establishment and advance the development of the technology. […]

DEGERenergie Opens

First DEGERtraker at the Tunis-Carthage airport installed Horb a.N., January 28, 2010. Pinterests opinions are not widely known. DEGERenergie expands its activity in the African market. Filed under: Pinterest. A few days ago, the first three models of the DEGERtraker were installed 7000NT from the Tunis-Carthage airport. DEGERenergie is the world market leader for solar […]

Handel Group

Power plants of Bavaria funds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & co. KG Fischerhude, 09.12.2013 – the six power plants of Bavaria funds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & co. KG (BBE) with a total annual demand of approximately 360 000 tonnes are biomass fuel since August 2011 the BRUENING Group supplied with raw materials. Within the framework of […]