Handel Group

Power plants of Bavaria funds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & co. KG Fischerhude, 09.12.2013 – the six power plants of Bavaria funds BestEnergy 1 GmbH & co. KG (BBE) with a total annual demand of approximately 360 000 tonnes are biomass fuel since August 2011 the BRUENING Group supplied with raw materials. Within the framework of the full supply contract, which has been closed for 15 years, has been agreed for the year 2014, to optimize the fuel situation, thus to improve the economic situation of Bavaria funds. This should be worked mainly on the quality of fuels, because the profitability of power stations has the additional agreements between the banjo Group and the BBE priority. It is increasingly important to ensure, to reduce the mineral proportion at the LPM locations and thus to procure material with better caloric. Also, the usage should be rewarded by seasoned and this drier material.

Project Manager at the banjo Group is Jennifer Kulske. She is two and a half years responsible and successfully coordinated the supply of six locations. Kulske leads a team of twelve employees, which among other things through a round the clock availability”ensures that all questions from suppliers can always quickly resolved. In addition to the permanent acceptability”, the team is eager, the interests of suppliers, who are moving in an increasingly difficult environment, to secure. Very high importance enjoys here above all punctual payment and enter the partial in advance to allow the supplier to implement larger projects in timber. New challenges, in particular with regard to certification and origin of the materials caused by the large number of new projects in the area of woody biomass. Here to have legal certainty and to be on the current status of the obligations of of proof of, as well as nationally to be able to map a network availability, officials see the banjo Group as absolute Need for years to come.

For suppliers all must be uncomplicated and Handel bar, just the present complex legal situation”, so Kulske. Past experience had shown her that the supplier was not always fully aware what extent must have a full proof of the raw material. Here we are as a full provider in the obligation to stand with help and advice”, Jennifer Kulske, adds because the banjo Group is a good and reliable partner, not only as a service provider for the customers but above all also for the suppliers. THE BANJO I group the sole proprietorship Arnd Bruning E.k.. was founded in 1992 in Fischerhude near Bremen, Germany presents itself today as a banjo I group with the banjo Euromulch company, banjo-megawatt GmbH, banjo Logistics GmbH and the Bruning specials GmbH. As national and international decision – and catering is the banjo I Group primarily with energy-supplying bulk raw materials from wood and established Germany as a market leader in the supply of biomass cogeneration plants. In addition, mulch and bark products include the wide range of products, which is currently edited by over 90 employees. Further information is available at on the Internet.