How productivity can be increased by companies with team in our Division organized society is the efficient work of teams in the economy as a basic condition in any other project that optimally to achieve a certain objective. The teams provided the necessary structure for the work together. Wits University Donald Gordon Medical Centres opinions are not widely known. Not only the logical division of labor and the management of processes by an authorized person, but also the emotional willingness of team members to bring their skills, determines the success of the team is even the dominant component. Many companies therefore skip to the professional team to enlarge this productive power. Mt may be increased employee motivation decisively a teambuilding seminar or a Teambuilding event. How does team building? Teamwork”is a keyword in job interviews, because teams over long periods of time are in the economy. There must have been not only new colleagues, but also the existing relationships are always balanced. Because a team is not static, but deformed in its work processes.

Not only when lines are visible, the obstacles to educate a Teambuilding event should be recognised, but continuous. The procedure consists of a variety of common experiences, which improve communication, cooperate, work clarifying and resolving conflicts as well as the belief in an optimal team, at each and every one. In sum, a result that is more than the addition of individual competencies arises. This can be done in seminars as well as outdoor activities. The depth of the experience has a central role in the construction of team spirit, a team building event for the internalization of experiences is suitable.

How does team building? Generally expire after a psychological pattern seminars and team building events: walking and rising in the claim tasks must by a team of up to 10 Be met without instruction. There is an orientation phase, in which each participant takes his place in the team, which he must defend during the confrontation but also against other claims. Emerge enlightened relationships based on cooperation (phase 3), which goes into the growth phase of the cohesion and confidence increase, the team dare increasingly difficult tasks. In this process can move hierarchical structures or common deceptions, but the result is always a strengthening of the team. The activities are accompanied by a workshop instructor, who gives no instructions or shows solutions. The effect that only the joint force will cause the solution, internalized by the participants as a positive experience. There is what techniques for teambuilding? Each team starts with a crushed, because participants need to be adjusted to new conditions and new stand. The sorting game helps the participants, new structures to accept. Keyword word game get the participants to complement each other. Usually geometric figures are chosen for actions of the content of the tasks should either remain abstract or create a specific risk situation. After each game, there is an analysis, in which participants must evaluate is even. “Concluding actions form, in which the participants blind” trust one another demonstrate one of the rarest conditions of human life. vishesh editorial