Thailand Tour Celebrates 20th

1989-2009: Gummersbach Thailand special tour operator CHENTHAYTRAVEL celebrates its 20th anniversary and offers many special offers. “We have done our homework. Now it is on you to evaluate us.” With this slogan, CTT-chef Etges opened already the new travel season 2008/2009 and wants to invite not only new prospects win and draw attention to on the completely revamped CHENTHAYTRAVEL website, but also renewed old, fond travel friends one after Thailand vacation trip. “Thailand has never been as favourable as it is today, and also we have lowered all prices by at least 10% – some deals by up to 30% – on the occasion of our anniversary,” said Etges next. He mentioned that even considering the enormously increased transport costs for flights and transfers under the dash still something more than in the past for the holiday budget remains just on the edge. Is it much more important to indicate the high level of customer satisfaction: “in all the 20 years there was only one Handful of complaints, which also all agreed could be resolved with our travel friends. Never here like a bad word or even a court been troubled.

Other organizers must do first of all the us. “It is a little melancholic, as Etges gets to the beginnings of CHENTHAYTRAVEL:”it was a very hard time establishing companies. ” Who mentioned earlier he wanted to vacation in Thailand and this is true even today, though not in such a way, which was stamped immediately in most cases as a sex tourist. Among them, we had much to suffer. But the success not long left with much iron will, persuasion, a sophisticated holiday offer that is picked from the crowd, and the already existing knowledge, to wait.

So the entry as special operators in the travel business then actually we succeeded, and from the initial 10 websites we have created well over 1,000.” “We just found everything that has a reference to Thailand: info, photos,” Service pages, a large online shop with more than 2,100 Asian cuisine… and of course travel; in particular flights, over 200 tours, more than 1,000 hotel and Resortangebote, hundreds transfers of all types, as well as special offers for wedding couples, seniors, long term, bachelors and several packages as well as sailing. We have made for one of the highlights of the extra class also for our travel friends to the 20th, by we immediately several group tours under the motto > culinary Thailand < offer, which are open to all interested parties to take part, and you will find on our website in the section of special offers. On these tours, we are particularly proud, because you are conducted from 4 persons each and offered by any other operator. “All in all looking back so at CHENTHAYTRAVEL on the 20-year corporate history and looks forward to the future with joyful anticipation.”Who would like to visit us once”so Etges Finally,”is cordially invited. Either on the Internet at or also by appointment in our Gummersbacher Office. It is perfectly immaterial whether someone needed only an information, or book a trip but. We are pleased just about anyone who is interested in the wonderful eastern Kingdom.