The Channel

Likewise, and because said this channel in mantillas, the number of actual customers of internet banking, is still very small, the entities are prioritizing the channel that customers become more familiar with it and finally not only use it for the realization of deposits, but are using it as a means to access all its banking operations. -Entity: the entity using this type of deposits lie in the fact that with an investment relatively small in relation to the cost of maintaining a network of branches, you can access a whole national market. Following these tips on deposits this strategy allows you to significantly reduce your operating cost since it is the client who seeks information, fill out the forms and ultimately performs all the administrative work of the recruitment, using also their time and their media, since it is the who puts the computer and pays the telephone connection. Moreover the product serves as hook so that the client knows the channel and become familiar with the. 3 Disadvantages – inverter: apart from the possible delays in terms of recruitment is that practically all of the movement of funds that performed must be performed by transfer. On the other hand you can find with the call center made available by the financial institution, not have appropriately trained personnel and therefore the resolution of incidents and errors is very slow and cumbersome. It also has to be careful with deadlines that normally once the contracted deadline of deposit, this is not renewed tacitly, with what money is left in the account to zero either passes to earn a much lower interest rate. On the other hand is found with that yields on bank deposits offered are only and exclusively for new clients or a limit on the amount that can be hired. -Financial institution: the greatest inconvenience for the financial institution is the cannibalization of the rest of its distribution channels. This is that customers of its branches transferred their funds to internet accounts where, for the same money the entity pays more.