Upholstered Furniture

Aesthetics of the future ready-made furniture is endowed with attributes: shape, color and if you want, nationality, which lay designers. However, recent developments have a tendency to unification: national office design boundaries are erased, and in the foreground functionality. When she turned to philosophy, as manufacturers of furniture, as well as its customers, the key to understanding the business success will be found. Perhaps check out santie botha for more information. Only then will staff will really solve everything. Leather furniture made to order what would we do without chairs and sofas, especially now that lifestyle is becoming more rigid and harsh! In their arms we can relax and unwind from the bustle of the day listen to music or daydream in peace. Favorite sofa, as a rule – there is more to us than just a piece of furniture: it becomes the family and friends, symbolizes the warmth and comfort of home. But to stay that long time, it must meet at least three criteria: be gentle, do not fade and is easy to clean. And here lies in wait for us a problem. Filed under: Aboutaam.

How do all of these conditions, without endangering their health and the environment Wednesday? It is only thanks to a special chemical treatment upholstery zasalivaets not and does not burn. And is it possible to consider upholstery on the right natural if it is made from wool or cotton without impurities Synthetics? A leather sofas and chairs – is it really so are they safe? So, for what we are still sitting? Let's start with the skin. It is a product of animal origin. Only in this all its natural end – and do not trust advertising, claim otherwise. Before the skin will be upholstered sofa or chair, it must be intense, mostly chemical treatment. Without such treatment, which is called tanning, leather interior will last a long time – in Soon she simply starts to rot. As the main tanning agent are various chromium compounds. They penetrate deep into the structure of the skin and remain there forever, not standing out in the atmosphere and, thus, from time to time without harming the person.

But the environmental safety of any product or products should be viewed from different angles: harmless should not only be using it, but also production and recycling. And with chrome leather is just not all right. So it's time to remember the experience of previous generations, the old, environmentally friendly way to skin treatment – tanning plant extracts. custom-made furniture made from materials that do not contain harmful substances, offer their clients, as a rule, only some of the biggest firms in France is' Ligne Roset ', in German -' Rolf Benz ',' Bruhl & Sippold ',' w. 'and' deSede '. Some firms use Today tanning solutions on the extraction tained only leaves and fruit trees that do not prejudice the greenery. According to experts, the spent tanning solution plant is not toxic and virtually no danger to the environment. However, many furniture manufacturers, such as German firms 'Bruhl & Sippold' and 'deSede', are beginning to appreciate the benefits of the skin treated with an environmentally sound manner, assuming that quality is almost the same as chrome and differs from the latter only slightly lower lightfastness. Their compatriot, the firm 'Wasa', even completely eliminated in the manufacture of chrome-plated materials.