Venezuela Revolution

It shall be said that on his arrival in power prices rose, but not mentioning that he traveled to the old middle to position and strengthen the product; It will be that when required a extra money, prices rise, to strengthen its mandate, and will not stop to say that, now that there is an internal contingency with those affected by the rains, dropped Pearl prices increased because of events in Egypt. As saying: own joy by Schadenfreude, some celebrating the calladita, others, starting the fair with alleged outrage. However, such moral scruples is subject for another time and space. As regards the present reflection is the next rivet, immediate survival: the fate of Venezuela has been sealed as oil country (accept it or not intellectuals and idealists), a resource that will soon disappear from the bowels of the Earth. It is a matter of survival or death, of erasing or highlighted national, beyond political distinctions. Combat such colonialist placement as a supplier country, attempting to diversify the national livelihood exploiting another source of wealth, seek to evade such imperial their destination, will always be a matter of war and Revolution (said Lenin revolution implies war). Will be even attempting to safeguard, save or self-manage resource, for the case that Venezuela decided not to rely on in future hydrocarbons (if this were ipso facto possible), that is, sell them.

Always break affiliations or dependencies will be an act of revolution. This would represent a declaration of war for dependents, and would soon be tried you force into sale or a defensive war against the invasion. To the extent that complicate the picture of hydrocarbons in the world, is in its circulation, distribution, deposits, prices, so the appetence of Imperial, industrial and militaristic powers would defeat, to that extent the fate of misfortune hailing shall tack the face towards us and starts to vented us to picturesque tropical beaches of meek supply. We must prepare ourselves. Notes: Oscar j.

Camero: Ossetia operation for Bolivia in line. On political Animal. 29 Aug 2008. Screen 1. . Query: 8 feb 2011. M bring to collation fast figures: according to estimates by 513 thousand U.S. geology service million barrels in Orinoco strip only; 80 billion barrels in conventional reserves; 30 billion equivalent barrels of natural gas (taken from Joel Sangronis Padron: impact of the Arab revolution in Venezuela en linea.) In indigenous press. 3 Aug 2011. Screen 1. . (Query: 8 feb 2011).