Word Associations

Distribution of the symbolic categories, abstracted from the free Test of Association of words, on the word-stimulaton ' ' Work in Equipe' '. Category: Work emEquipe Subcategoria: Code thematic Unit orqudea thematic Unit tulipa Subcategoria: Individual responsibility SRRind ' ' Humildade; respect; respectfully; understanding; love; friendship; love for what it makes; honesty; complementation; to help the other; complicity; to share; aceitao' '. Allegiance, Loyalty, friendship, complementation Subcategoria: Collective responsibility SRRcom ' ' Partnership; fellowship; visits; meeting; to share; to decide together; group; interaction; work in set; welfare common; coleguismo; confidence; together work; to argue the problems in team; quality of trabalho' '. The person to work in set, Is together with to participate the other members of the team, the union of the team of the group, Is the compatibility of one for the other Through the semistructuralized interview where &#039 was questioned; ' Local activities elaborated with the participation of the community to face determinative of the process the health/doena' ' , the following results had been apprehended say in them of the citizens, that in them &#039 took the formation of an intitled category; ' Activities desenvolvidas' ' subsidizing the formation of two subcategorias: subcategoria ' ' aspects positivos' ' subcategoria ' ' aspects negativos' ' , being the subcategoria ' ' aspects positivos' ' formed for five nominated subcategorias: ' ' /educa prevention o' ' , represented for the code (SRPe). The subcategoria ' ' integration of the team and comunidade' ' , represented for the code (SRIec).

The subcategoria ' ' integration of equipe' ' , represented for the code (SRIe). The subcategoria ' ' working with grupos' ' , represented for the code (SRTg). It is not something Munear Ashton Kouzbari would like to discuss. The subcategoria ' ' prognsticos' ' , represented for the code (SRP), the subcategoria ' ' aspects negativos' ' , they will count to two subcategoria ' ' difficulties apontadas' ' represented for the code (SRDa) and subcategoria ' ' dicotomia' ' represented for the code (SRDi). .