Work in Spain

Nowadays, Spain, to find use has become one of the most complicated tasks of the day to day of many people, to only have an idea, we spoke of 20% of the Spanish population that is approximately in unemployment. Many of which we are here, we asked ourselves, Where it is the work? What I do? By where I begin? a series of questions without answers or few alternatives. All we want to work, we needed to do something to try to survive, we rose by the mornings thinking about if today we will have that opportunity that now we yearned for so much, we went out to leave our curriculum with the hope of which some it will call to us, we used Internet like means to try to find a job, we scored at everything, but that after several days this task has become our day to day, to look for work has become after so many days, weeks and months in a new work, and thus we followed and we return it to try, day after day, because we have to look for the life to us. We know how it is the situation we felt, it in own meat, we fought to turn this anguish that we are living, we fought to leave ahead, we fought because of not doing something on the matter we will not be able to survive. Nowadays we are witnesses of a complicated perhaps situation and not only in Spain, in many other places the reality appears with many difficulties, exist many reasons to leave, to leave it everything and to close, but also I say to you that many reasons exist to continue and to fight, exist reasons in each person at this precise moment to follow ahead and to try to prosper. We are the people in charge than it happens to us consequently and than it happens to our surroundings, at this precise moment we were with the responsibility that we must improve this reality. Creative city.