Worthy Journey

Urns that free – circulation of nature return to arc life From birth to death funeral urns that is free. connect the individual design with the return to the nature. The word is unique the the Polls freely. best describes”, says the ballot box maker and artist Rita Capitain, who consistently goes with these urns for eight years a new way… They used biodegradable starch material such as cellulose or tissue.

only materials from nature, which are impermanent. The self-contained and stable urn body has an opening through which the undertaker can directly fill the ashes in the double-walled interior roof. After filling, the opening is closed with a hollow cylinder, so that no ash lost. The urns are professional and thus correspond to the newly adapted statutes of many fried court administrations. An additional capsule of ashes from the crematorium is superfluous because of this construction. This is only a single urn vessel required”, says Rita Capitain. The ash produced after the cremation of the corpse, lying therefore f r i in the belly of the ballot box.

Was also the brand name. Polls freely. developed”, explains the ballot box maker. The idea that still many imperishable ash capsules be used and possibly after a burial site excavated again and disposed of must, one or the other may seem unimportant. But most people certainly don’t. To connect with the Earth that is the sense of URN burial in the ground”, says the artist. Polls freely. However, can connect directly to the Earth”, she adds – just ash to Earth! “and the immediately” in many ways that symbolize Polls freely. the way of life of every human of being sprung from an egg to the release of the ashes. For this reason, the artist has chosen the egg shape. Which is also the second part of the name of the URN.