Aluminum Sheet

Corrugated sheet of aluminum One of the types of sheets of aluminum is corrugated aluminum. Corrugated aluminum has a dull rough surface and a convex pattern. Corrugated aluminum is used as a floor anti-slip coatings, refrigeration, tuning cars, as well as in design view. Corrugated sheets of aluminum are also used in food and chemical industries. We have a sale you will always find corrugated aluminum sheet sizes. Perforated aluminum sheet perforated aluminum sheet can have a wide range of perforation: There may be round, square, slotted, and other forms of openings. Thickness perforated sheet of aluminum can vary from 0,5 to 6 mm.

Size of perforation of 0.6 mm. Duralumin Duralumin sheet is one of the first aging hardenable aluminum alloys. Other names – duralumin, Fools. The main alloying elements are copper (4,4% wt), magnesium (1.5%) and manganese (0.5%). Typical yield stress of 450 MPa, however, depends on the composition and heat treatment. Anodized aluminum sheet made of an alloy aluminum, copper and magnesium grades D1, D16, D18, B65, D19, B17, VAD1. Anodized aluminum sheet is hardened by heat treatment. Duralumin sheets are characterized by a combination of high static strength (up to 450-500 MPa) at room and elevated (up to 150-175 C) temperatures, high fatigue strength and fracture toughness. Duralumin sheets, usually clad with pure aluminum to improve corrosion resistance.