Raffestin Territory

The second hypothesis presented here sends the fact to it to identify if a joint action is capable to potencializar and development link, guaranteeing the exploitation of the resources and minimizing the socioambientais problems. Finally, when searching to explain the paper that State assumes while strategy for the appropriation of the resources is also to consider the intellectual capacity of the populations, the end, of empoderar them of a fort capital stock so that they can intervine of cautious form in the way where the available resources of rational form live to have the capacity to use all. 4. THEORETICAL REFERENCES To answer the questions of the cited research in first place makes – necessary to understand the conception of some concepts, amongst them of the territory, perhaps most complex, for its abrangncia and diversity of understanding, on this analogy, Saints (1997), places that ‘ ‘ territorial configuration is the territory and more the set of existing objects on it; natural objects or artificial objects that definem’ ‘ (P. 75). The territory if form from the space, in this perspective, the territory is a space where if it projected a work, they are energy and information, and that, for consequncia, she discloses relations marked for the power.

(Raffestin, 1993). The production relations and consequentemente the relations of being able of the State to the individual, passing for all the small or great organizations, are responsible for producing the territory. In fact the State this always organizing the domestic territory for intermediary of new clippings, new implantations and new linkings (they idem, 1993).