Company Specialization

No, I’m not hard, but if I could finally wrap my day, I could go earlier and we’d have time to go eat at the restaurant tonight to talk at our ease. The idea appealed to him. She did call me. My secretary: “Your cousin Henry on one … and your uncle Jacques on the three”. Me: “Put them in conference, but without me. They take a good hour or two to tell a slice of life, they who are so little “. My secretary: “But you block two lines” Me: “So much the better. We will lose less time to respond, and with these busy lines, our customers will think it works well for us “A colleague at the door of my office. I do not give him time to ask his question because there is always an issue. Me: “I’ve got your answer” Him: “But I have not yet asked the question” Me: “just do pose not. Ask yourself rather the question of why do not you ever pose your questions to yourself while you still know the answers I give you. Him: “Because … it reassures me to know that is the same opinion as me” Me: “I know.

You have good ideas and you should be more sure of yourself. You do not need my approval. I have confidence in your decision, you can be certain. ” He left again, proud of my confidence, and not interrupt me over the rest of the time that I can use to knock down all the scheduled tasks. I’ll be back in time tonight, and finally, everyone is happy. Ah I forgot my “bargainer”! Just arrived, he began to negotiate, argue, make it clear that he could buy elsewhere and should make an effort … I let momentum take 2 minutes chrono, then I interrupt. – “I arrest you immediately. I know that your time is valuable and I do not want to waste it unnecessarily “He looks at me I can link stunned: “More than our own products, what you want it a go, right?” He nodded, surprised that it’s so easy: “Yes, I want a discount.” I invite to get up and dragged to the door and said cheerfully: – “I was sure. It happens that we do not sell, but I’ll ask my secretary to give you the address of a specialized company. You tell me the news. I bought them a garden shed where I put my tools. You will not be disappointed. Goodbye Mr bargainers … “My secretary asked me if I did not go too strong with this client that would have probably bought anything after having liquefied in a marathon record of 3:00. I ask him to make an appointment with a prospect promising that I was forced to wait due to time … the time I did not have time because I did not say no. And I go home … and on time … even a little earlier.