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There are other ways to beat the ceiling: it is suspended ceiling with special lighting, and ceiling made of stained glass, and painted the stars or something another, equally nice looking The main thing – the presence of visual perspective. Window makes sense of visual perspective and the false window, simulated on one wall. It is only necessary to make it look real: the frame and glass Curtains It can even open and the flowers will be on the windowsill. Here are just a view from the window is drawn. Another interesting option is the use of stained glass windows, which are usually installed in shallow Niche construction and highlighted. And then it seems that they’re not a blank wall and a window into a very special, even magical world. Mirror of the simplest and most affordable way to broaden the scope of the enclosed space has become mirror.

It increases its optical exactly twice, since it reflects the entire volume of the room. The smaller the square itself is a bathroom, the more it should be. Mirrors may be present not only in its traditional place over the sink, where they are, of course, play a major role, but also everywhere on the walls, even replacing them if it did not cause the host of negative emotions. At one time in vogue even had mirror tiles. But, unfortunately, because of its brittleness, lack of security (it is very easy to beat) and the difficulty of care is not a frequent visitor. Furniture From the floor and wall furniture – only the most petite, better yet, if you can push it into a niche or under basin.

Walls should be completely free from massive hinged elements are allowed only light shelf made of glass or metal, and in some cases – from the tree. Should not be abused and a lot of accessories. Of course, all this only attempts to compensate for what we lack in real life, and all these tricks really spacious room will not. But some will leave feeling that you are in the closet, surrounded by towering each other baths, sinks, toilets and hard wedged washing machine. Optical illusion, but as the poet said, ‘We elevates deception. ” And there, staring, and a huge bathroom with a view of the Japanese garden will become a reality.