Company Strategy

In most cases, the company's strategy – a document that Top managers are put on the table and employees do not know the long-term goals and objectives and even more so they do not relate to operating performance. In the Russian reality, often the strategy is separate, and the organization separately. In 90% strategic management of companies is as follows: Even if the developed and clear objectives for each perspective is described by the general strategy of the company, which just hangs in the offices of employees, none of this interconnected and can not control. When implementing a bsc management pattern will look completely different. mtp helps tie together all the components of the company and makes them work as a single mechanism for implementing overall strategy. scf compared with the panel of the unit aircraft or vehicle. You can not control either one or the other vehicle, not knowing all the parameters: speed, availability of fuel, etc. You do not fly so far to the target, if you faulty engine or not adjusted brakes and chassis. Balanced Scorecard (BSC) today became the de facto standard in the field of strategic management. 70% of companies in the Forbes list in one degree or another adopt a balanced scorecards (BSC) as a methodological framework for performance management of its activities. Main stages in the development of the mtp. 1. Defining the main important perspectives of the company. In 80% four cases, the prospects offered by the founders of technology is enough.