Company Management

But in his first political decision – the re-election of Jose Miguel Insulza to the post of Secretary General of the OAS – begins ominously to support his fellow questioned. The new president wants to forget it was the worst Insulza Secretary General who had the organization. Showed blatant bias by the authoritarian Bolivarian Pinera born enemies. He served in a mediocre and embarrassing to the conflict in Honduras.

And he opened the door to Cuba without Castro made the slightest effort toward freedom, democracy and respect for human rights. Pinera’s attitude is disappointing for those who believed that he would give a major shift towards civility on the continent. His decision is clearly popular and characteristic of the Left to whom he criticized for coming to power. The liberals sidestep the adequacy of people to occupy a position and choose for reasons beyond its function. Examples are numerous: Many voted for Barack Obama because they know their ideas but by their skin color. Obama elected Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, not for being a great judge, but as a woman and Latin. Evo Morales is in power by being smart or capable, but for being Indian. A Pinera supports Insulza not be a fair but because Chilean diplomat.

We should ask ourselves whether in the management of their companies, Pinera work similarly and puts all play an inept management. If so would be shining shoes on the corner of La Moneda, and not sitting inside the palace. Bolster Insulza is a serious mistake and who will pay the consequences then it is not a reliable person, but an immoral opportunist and biased, disqualified to lead the regional body. Even the United States, with a leftist government, shows adverse to his reelection, threatening not to contribute the funds that support the OAS if left in the seat. Obviously Insulza had to promise his support Pinera Chile rather than Venezuela and other members of the neo-communist brotherhood, temporarily leaving aside their entrenched socialist ideology. Question that will last until being re-elected. Curiously, the officer seems to be always side with the most money. Pinera in this regard is the favorite man of the winding diplomat.