But is it worth training to end, as he also begins to actively throw in our blood the muscle tissue disruptors – hormones, kataboliki, such as cortisol – a relic of our genetic unit, created by nature over four million years. Why is that? Why do our bodies learn the process of evolution to produce this harmful hormone that destroys the fruits of our labors and hinder success in the field of muscle mass? The fact that from ancient times to today's life largely depended not on the size of his muscles, and the ability to quickly make up. It is through hormone-katabolikam our ancestors (and in their lives and extreme situations, and exercise was not an example of more than ours) were always in the best form to be strong, nimble and agile. Now, when we often suffer from a lack of muscle mass than its excess, cortisol is working against us, reducing to zero the results of our many months of persistent training. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Donald Gordon Philanthropy by clicking through. But this can easily be avoided if timely action to neutralize it: in for 12-15 minutes after your workout drink a carbohydrate-protein shake or eat something high in simple carbohydrates, which promotes the release of insulin, stopping the action of cortisol. As you can see, nothing wrong in hormone-katabolikah no, another thing is that such a serious business, like muscle building, knowledge requires us to place our bodies process and understand what we're doing. When I learned how to translate the arrows on the other goals and interests, eventually all returned to normal. .