Create Animation

In order to create an animation, you can use by appropriate programs such as Photoshop or Gimp. They are quite monstrous, expensive, but rich in its possibilities. If you want to create avatars for quick, here and Now, you can use an online service Xgif service allows you to create animations online, no need to install anything on your computer, absolutely free. To create an animation, you must follow some simple steps. Step 1. Specify the settings for future animation Specify the size (width and height) of the future of animation, and specify the frame rate.

Step 2. Upload photos or other images To create the animation, you need to download several images (pictures). As the pictures you can use any photo or image formats, gif, bmp, jpg (jpeg), png and others. Download pictures from your Computer literacy can or with a link to an image stored in the Internet. Alternatively, you can edit an existing animated GIF file or to download photos from your photo hosting flickr. You can also add frames without pictures, for example, they can fill a solid color.

If you provide a link, then remember to include links to images are available for public use. Since such as your photographer is stored in a social network hidden behind your login and password, and are not available for download outside. Step 3. Trasformiruyte your image your animation consists of a series of successive frames. Upload an image it becomes a separate frame, you can change its size, its location in the frame as well as rotate. Use of this by appropriate controls. As additional options you can set the background color and the display time (if selected skrost 'by hand'). Also, you can enable the smooth transition personnel, but remember that it greatly increases file size animations. Step 4. Add other pictures or photographs, as long as necessary you can add up to 100 images. Usually more than enough, because more frame in your animation, the larger the file, in the case of very large files have a problem with the show, transfer and load the animation. Step 5. Your animation is ready! Click 'Create animation' and your animation will created. You can use this animation as avatars on forums, or banner ads.