By the number of visits, we split into several parts catalogs. * The first part of the directory can give a day from one hundred to several thousand visitors a day, depending on the ranking of your site. These directories in the Russian part of the Internet is not a lot. Here are some of them:,, Rambler's Top100. * The second part of the directory can give about ten visitors per day. * The third part of the directory will not be able to give and one visitor per week. Usually this part of the directory used to improve the rating, but only if they have a high ci and pr, otherwise, you do not have no value and the result of registration in such directories will be zero.

Which directories are most effective when I sign up? * Catalogs, which put a direct link after registration. Many directories are put link through a redirect, rather than direct. Search engines do not understand and do not distinguish between such links, so it makes no sense to register in such directories. The result will be zero. * Directories that do not require reciprocal links. Upon registration in catalogs Most of them are asked to place a reciprocal link or banner. Due to the large number on the page response options, website design can dramatically change and where not for the better.

And besides, the value of mutual links, in the eyes of search engines is reduced to zero. * Catalogs with a high ci and pr. The more ic and pr data directory in which you are registered, respectively, will be higher than the ch and pr of your site. * Thematic catalogs. Most effect is given thematic catalogs. There are directories that combine sites with specific subject. For example, if the directory has a thematic focus 'Construction and Repair', then he will only accept sites with dedicated to 'the construction and repair. " * Visited directories. The higher popularity and attendance, the more visitors will pass on the link to your website. Some directories accept payment for registering a site. For example, to to include your site in, must pay a certain amount, and then your site will be added to the directory within three days. You can register for free, but will have to wait several months until your site will not be adopted by Yandex. I want to offer you tematicheky directory of sites and articles Cator offers you themed links exchange (on the conditions of exchange links you can find here), as our catalog offers exchange Articles, once you add your site to share with you is a direct link. Catalogue of well-indexed (for you will create a separate page that has a positive effect it for search engines