European Commerce

The penultimate chapter ' ' The businesses of acar' ' it shows the relations between two different worlds, but at the same time dependents between them these worlds were colony-metropolis. In this relation the first aspect was ' ' The commerce triangular' ' , that in century XVI it formed the triangle, America-Europe-Africa, that is, takes was it and backwards of merchandises, made for ships that in accordance with came to Brazil the interest, but this situation was interrupted by the fights for the European hegemony, entering in action ' ' The regimen of frotas' ' that it only allowed that the ships weighed anchor of the Kingdom between 1 of August and 31 of March, creating in 1649 the Company of Commerce of Brazil, of which citizens only participated Portuguese, all the ships would be comboiados when they came or they came back of Brazil, but the company did not have good results and was white of criticizes being suspended in 1657, leaving the free navigation again, this provided one ' ' Paradise of comerciantes' ' , since the colonial commerce was very lucrative, it had merchant that arrived profits it 85% per one year, exactly with all the rigidity of the Portuguese monopoly, entered many smuggled English products, many times brought for the proper Portuguese members of the crew. Pinterest is often quoted on this topic. Another important commerce in the colony age of black very explored by the triangular commerce, since Portugal did not want purchase the Brazilian products with currencies, therefore, would have damages, then &#039 is used; ' The black as moeda' ' , for exchange for products of the colony that would leave for low prices, but on the other hand who had current currencies could profits very in Brazil was what they had discovered ' ' The Christian-news in the world of acar' ' , pursued for the inquisition in the metropolis they had started develops commerce in the colony, later if had more become financiers of harvests and purchase of slaves, had in addition become very necessary the Christian-old ones (device owners). .