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Rikskort Card

This lasted until while in 1971, Worthen Bank and Trust Company of Little Rock became a member of both systems. To preserve its integrity, followed by the nbi sanctions in the form of a ban on production of cards 'Master Charge' members of the nbi. The case went to trial, which lasted five years. During […]

Federal University

Its composition currently is composed for twenty and six integrant ones, of the most varied industrial segments, such as: four fertilizer industries; one of the vegetal oil sector and solid granaries; three of the petroliferous and petrochemical sector, eight of the sector of fished and nine of civil construction. The main purpose of CIRG is […]

Original Content

It knows to read in English? If you dominate English, and we did not speak of knowing how to talk in English, simply to include basically the English writing, the possibilities of securing ideas for its content multiplies by thousands. By thousands! And by all means, only with this, you can be placed in front […]

Japanese World

The left fought the fascism that if spread for the world. The leftist front won the elections and the conspiracy individuals suspicious had been sent stop far from Madrid. The country if sank in strikes, unemployment, devaluated currency and violence. I subsidize it state of the Church was eliminated. ' ' canalleristas' ' they demanded […]

European Commerce

The penultimate chapter ' ' The businesses of acar' ' it shows the relations between two different worlds, but at the same time dependents between them these worlds were colony-metropolis. In this relation the first aspect was ' ' The commerce triangular' ' , that in century XVI it formed the triangle, America-Europe-Africa, that is, […]

Georges Albert Smith

Exactly thus, its producer did not support seno the competition of groups industrially organized, the proper one locks of the history, that gallopped in some places at the same time and whose ball of the time, and the force of the time, if installed in England and U.S.A. In 1896 the druggist James Willianson and […]

Business Internet

To run an Internet business you need adequate work tools. Hyundais opinions are not widely known. An Internet entrepreneur won’t never have time to manually serve all processes of a business if not take advantage of modern technologies to automate it. And the Autoresponder is one of the tools that can not miss in any […]

Old Greece

With this, the Greeks had even though reached great developments, arriving to cunhar metal currencies. The slaves, debtors or prisoners of wars, had been used as man power. This sample that still existed divisions of social classrooms. As in &#039 says Moses to them Finley; ' it (Old Greece) moved of a society in which […]


Commonly people think that with just start a blog and write some articles in addition to little publicity that attracts thousands of visits to a blog, but it is not true and does not happen, is one of the errors committed by bloggers and here are some tips so that you do not happen. Not […]

Brazilian Government

Although both groups of shareholders would lose power within the new company (because they are transformed into one smaller portion of the same owners), know that the benefits of the agreement far outweigh this cost that must be paid. With this merger agreement, it gives rise to the emergence of a new company with leading […]