Francisco Camps

His critics, who are, for that claim on him is a unfinished candidate. As if the politicians were like rice, you need an exact cooking point so that it fits well to the voters without finishing, either, sticking to the electoral paella. However, Paco Camps is an applied and exemplary opponent who, like good students of life leaves no homework for the day of the polls. Methodical and disciplined, is preparing for res publica since he decided that this was his Office and not the get a notary, for example. (A valuable related resource: Hyundai). Perhaps wake up not furibundas nor unleashed passions, but an autonomous region like ours, with enough mileage already accumulated on your spark plugs and carburetor, is not for sudden accelerations that they descuajeringuen their body nor to skidding chirping the tires on every curve of the road. Therefore, voters may have the conviction that Francisco Camps lead Valencia by right and without stridency, respecting all the ceda el paso, without trampling on the throngs and stopping at each stop. In that way, we will not experience the thrill of the risk that recklessly promising to others, but we will instead be sure arrived unscathed at the end of our journey. Thus, in times of uncertainty that some predict, is no small thing, even less. (Journal of Valencia-Valencia, 24 May 2003.