Commercially Available Auto

The Pelayo insurance slows the collapse of the bouquet auto insurer saves Pelayo, literally, the collapse of the auto industry. In fact, customer retention policies have borne fruit and have resulted in a reduction of the premium average of 2.4 percent. Pelayo thoroughly explains in its balance sheet in the year of 2010 there is a slight increase in the claims ratio which stood at 70.9% compared with 69.7% of last year, mainly by integration of the costs of travel assistance which, until October 2009, were provided by a company of the group, articulating via ceded reinsurance. Read additional details here: Robert Kiyosaki. On the other hand, the rest of the branches continued to rise thanks to the policies of diversification. Highlight, in turn, that the strategy of insurance Pelayo for the year 2011, still conditioned by economic and centered on the two major objectives: customer, through the loyalty, and margin, increasing the client portfolio through diversification and improvement of efficiency in the management of costs. We will monitor developments in the sector in 2011..