The games flash had grown exponentially to the measure that the Internet grows. They have obtained to grasp to the Internet in the computer, mainly any person, of all the ages. Being thus, I go to approach in this article this subject. The sprouting of this hearing created in all webmasters a passion for the area. An area with immense small markets to explore exemplificando, games of horses or games of raparigas, so income-producing and so vast. Exponential growing of the market created one of the most lucrative areas of the Internet, of the games. All the social nets, or any type of website, had been implementing this market in its structure the example of orkut, with thousand of available games, the objectivo of ' ' viciar' ' users.

This market still allowed to construct a good bedding to form dedicated companies to the subject zynga, for example that they become to relieve essentially from subscripts to its games, on the basis of the acquisition of headings or, simply, through the advertising exhibition. What gnero of games we can see online? Easy question, with easy reply. In the optics of the entrepreneur the ones that relieve and the ones exist that do not relieve. Some are viciantes, others not. They are white of investments, others fall in the past. As success cases we have the example of the Farmville, proper creation, that from a strategy of we have ' ' mortos' ' , they cause in the players a will without explanation to return to the game more quickly possible. why reason? Because, simply, they had dedicated hours to construct one ' ' imprio' ' , something virtual, too much valuable to be to go for ' ' lixo' '.