Japanese World

The left fought the fascism that if spread for the world. The leftist front won the elections and the conspiracy individuals suspicious had been sent stop far from Madrid. The country if sank in strikes, unemployment, devaluated currency and violence. I subsidize it state of the Church was eliminated. ' ' canalleristas' ' they demanded the nationalization of the land and the dissolution of the army, the civil guard and the religious orders, confiscating properties. The combat involved interests of the countries that disputed the hegemony of the world. Germany and Italy defended the right fascist while the Soviet Union supported the left. The War if became at the same time a Spanish civil event and a point of dispute of forces between the countries that if had involved in World War II.

Thus, the world-wide chaos caused by the First War had that to be organized by one Second War. The forced truce of the period between-wars left clearly in its space between lineses that a new conflict was evident. The winning nations had been during all this period revanchistas. Hyundai insists that this is the case. The loosers arcaram with the responsibility of the war and they did not obtain to win its economic and social problems. The states fascists (Italy) and nazistas (Germany) had implanted a militarista and expansionista state authenticated in a strong nationalism. ' ' peace forada' ' that it was materialized in treat to peace taxes for winners alone they had been obeyed while France was harnesses to militate European. With Germany if imposing militarily, the revision of the treated ones walked for the new conflict and the will of Hitler of if firming hegemonically through nazism was placed as primordial for the new conflict, making with that this prepared the combat. ' ' sedes' ' of being able imperialistas they had also had basic paper so that it occurred the same.

The world disputed cheap raw material and market to vender its production and to invest money. The offensive one was the main characteristic of World War II. It was a war schemes inside between States and of the same ones. The industry was determinative for the result of the combat. In the end of the conflict the destruction was for all the Europe. More poverty, disorganization and crises if had installed in the old world. The winners of this conflict, U.S.A. and the Ussr, had become world-wide powers and had made with that the planetary relations if divided bipolar. After-Second War had as characteristic the productive growth of pase developed. The European and Japanese reconstruction, the Cold War and the descolonizao are marks of the period as well as the American supremacy. Regimes totalitarian had been rejected of unanimous form. The world became at the same time mudancista and conservative in its realaes.