Ligovski Prospekt

The third-largest sacral domed building in the world is one of the most magnificent buildings in St. Petersburg of the 19th century For the construction of 24000 tree posts into the marshy ground had to be rammed. The Interior is richly decorated with different kinds of marble, precious and semi-precious stones, mosaics and paintings. When the weather fantastic panoramic view of the city from the Tower in height of 43 m. If the time is you have planned excursion to Peterhof.

Building on the South side of the Gulf of Finland, about 30 km from St. Petersburg, Peter the great dropped from 1714 to the summer residence, the Russian Versailles”. Under Catherine of the great the Grand Palace “by Rastrelli in the mid of 18th century expanded. Walk through the Baroque parks with numerous fountains, fountains, pavilions and small palaces. The view from the Palace terrace on the Grand cascade, a staircase-shaped-based water artwork, and on the sea channel sea channel to the Gulf of Finland is overwhelming. The water system constructed over 250 years ago works today without dams and pumps by exploiting the gap alone. We must also remember Hermitage, one of the largest and most important art museums in the world. Collections comprising only a part of the almost 3 million exhibits is in 400 rooms.

And the whole accompanied by the magic lights ‘White nights’. Practical information: today, St. Petersburg is cheap and easy to reach. The low-cost airlines offer cheap air tickets from most airports. The Pulkovo II (International) airport is located 17 kilometres from the city centre. “If you but a Russian” want adventures, we recommend arriving by train: the trip lasts but around 30-35 hours. Cheap Hostels in St. Petersburg can you already from 8.50 book a bed in the hostel in St. Pertesburg. Hostels in Russia reside mostly in the converted apartments, enjoying a privileged location and is a cheap alternative to the hotels in the city. In St. Petersburg is its beautiful design hostels or party hostels. Party train hostel on Ligovski Prospekt, offers beautiful location (here lots of clubs and pubs are located), party atmosphere and beautiful room all from 11.99 per night on,. Babushka House is one of the examples of the Russian modern design Hohloma”and the heart of this hostel is its cuisine, where the backpackers and employees together Cook, chat, Exchange travel experience or play. We wish you You have a good trip!