Turkish Parents Federal: Tackle Everyday Problems In Practice

Parents diploma of the psychological counselling office already has proved the parents diploma of psychological counseling and the Association of Turkish parents Federal for the second time this year helpful education support for Turkish-born mothers. Before the last course unit six participants expressed their interest in a further expansion of the offer. “Tackle everyday problems in practice the motto of the 10-teiligen seminar series parents diploma” Diakonia Schwerte. Since February 2009, the participants exchange here on education issues and learn a more conscious, quieter and geduldigeren dealing with their children. The bilingual course series in the Calvin House was led by Selma Aslan and Manuela Krancioch bulk, which wanted to bridge cultural differences in language and education with the seminar. We see ourselves as help for self-help”, say the two course instructors. Through role-playing, discussions, and clear rules the two women issues such as school problems, language skills or rights conveyed mothers of Children and parents encouraged to think. The mothers felt the success already after a short time.

I’m going TransLink son now differently with my 2 to sit if he wants to candy for lunch or refuses on the table”, tells the participant Fatma Eren from personal experience. I now know how important it is to meet my child at eye level and use more positive wording.” “After the great experiences of the last few weeks the participants want to continue now also contact: at least once per month, we want to meet to exchange experiences”, Christopher Ayguln reported. In particular, the Kursteilnehmerin for pleads to involve in the future also the husbands in the training. Due to the growing demand, the psychological counselling service plans another parents diploma seminar this year. Interested parties are cordially invited to learn closer about the content under (02304)-939370.