NGOs Information

Many of the companies for which I worked called for concrete solutions to vague demands. By ordering that no remains. Let me explain with examples that have happened to me: I am going to produce a DVD about Zamora and I have no idea what talk, I’m going to start a business and I do not know what grants can I apply for, you have to make a few texts of prescriptive marketing on stationery for a completely new shop. To put it another way: I have no bloody idea what I want. Find you life and solve me it to me and my business. This great phrase, get you life. Very Spanish. Very Latin.

The client perceives that key information is missing to make a product or groundbreaking communication element, but in the absence of references (knowledge of the sector), sources of information, etc. does not know nor make words your needs. And then it resorts to the Professional (or the ready company, or the technician that eats these Brown). It is then when they come into action the human Googles. A human Google is the solution to this need that express so vaguely (in 2 senses little concrete and without well so far) many clients: Da on the nail and surprise me with the key information you need my product without that I give just tracks because I have not even idea of I want it.

And what requires a person to be able to satisfy a demand so high and so little concrete? Well everything. In my opinion a human Google needs a broad culture (general + social and human sciences specialization: Economics, business, law, education, sociology, linguistics, communication, geography, logic, philosophy, art, philology, history) + different professional experiences (companies, public and private institutions, associations and NGOs) + different combined techniques (idiomas+informatica + design grafico+habilidades written sociales+comunicacion and oral+capacidad educate) + imagination and innovation + practicality to resolve difficulties, and meet deadlines and objectives. In short, a full-featured profile + agility to adapt to different contexts. Normal to us to be very few. Interestingly, I also contend to be a human Google is not necessary to be a specialist at the highest level. If you’re not, better for you. But if you’re not nothing happens: you can find intelligent information with which to document yourself if you’re ready, you use your tools well and also you will have the added value of seeing everything with a fresh look and an alternative to the great popes of any sector. Conferences and classes that I’ve taken of topics to which I have devoted little more than 2 weeks to inform me, and I’ve had more impact than much more weight and renowned professors are already countless. This is my opinion, based on my experience. And going well. And you? What is a human Google for you?