The Exhaust

This oil must be approved for use in environments in which the engine is running. In particular, if your car aspirated engine, go to the oil for supercharged diesel engines. Oil of higher quality has the best dispergiruyusche-cleaning properties, to better deal with the increased formation of soot and carbon deposits in the the use of high-sulfur fuels, it will save significant funds to reduce the amount of maintenance time and machine downtime. Combustion by-products of high-sulfur fall in oil and neutralized useful additives contained in the base oil, which increases the corrosion of engine parts. In addition, the vents and the tops of the pistons exposed to burning of high- fuels (for engines running on oil with a low "base number"), is also susceptible to corrosion wear on these items is delayed a significant amount of soot. All this leads to an increase of wear engine. In connection with the tightening of requirements for the exhaust gases of diesel engines have changed the design of new, increased operating temperatures of components and their sensitivity to sludge formation. As a result, significant number of particles of soot falls into the oil, causing its dilution and contamination of the oil filter. This, in turn, makes it difficult to supply oil to the rubbing surfaces, leading to increased wear and, ultimately, failure of engine. It should be noted that currently an increasing number of countries, including Russia, the law limits the sulfur content in diesel fuel, so most of our readers this advice, fortunately, does not needed.