Rosemary Haefner

About 20 percent of all employees strive for in the next two years an industry change at the recent reports about economic booms induce some workers in 2010 to consider a job change into consideration. Almost a fifth (19 per cent) of all employees is in 2010 with a new employer. Nine percent indicated no later than 2011 to leave their current employer, this emerges from the recent survey results (from the 5th until November 23, 2009) by CareerBuilder. Drastic business decisions may have been in 2009 for many workers the cause to reconsider its position. One stated by ten workers and employees (12 per cent), that 2009 had to accept cuts in social benefits and other performance limitations of employers, to want to stay for more than six months or less at their current company. 27 percent of workers, 2009 received no raise or promotion, plan their current posts in less than a year to change. One filed the personal perspective of job with the current employer for less than half a year of five (18 per cent) employees, which hit wage cuts to beech. Many employer decisions of last year based on rescue measures for the preservation of jobs, many companies could survive only in a crisis,\”stressed Rosemary Haefner, Board Member for personnel of CareerBuilder.

The proposed an austerity had immediately on the workers some cases, that has affected the satisfaction of the individual in the workplace. In 2009 the job satisfaction was 61 percent compared to 70 percent in the previous year. Here, the employer is asked early on to seek a detailed insight into the mood of the workers. In this way problems affecting the work performance of employees, the fate of the individual in the workplace and the job satisfaction to emerge soon.\” As key factors in job satisfaction and Loyalty to the employers and workers and workers identified the following: pay – 75 percent of workers received last year no pay raise, compared with 35 per cent in 2008.