You Take The Rejection Personally

One of the reasons why women who embark on business feel guilty, so are coaches, artists, REALTORS roots, someone in sales directly or enterprising virtual (to name some ventures) is take the rejection personally. For me, when I started to look for options to develop my own business, I was questioned by almost all members in my family my mother and some of my brothers, the father of my son, other family members and friends. This made me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. And I was not sure to be making the right choice. After thinking a little about this I realized that my belief in my own personal growth and my desire to make a difference to the people who I can help as a coach, is not necessarily something understood or that can be shared with others. Anyway, just because it wasn’t right for them does not mean that it wasn’t right for me, nor does it mean that I had made a wrong decision.

The issue of women who take the rejection personally is not nothing new. But since you can completely derail your career, it is essential that you approach and that you you overcome this obstacle. For me, having a clear understanding and a strong conviction about why I choose my business and how it supports me to me and my family, often gives me the strength to get away from the pessimists that throughout his life are going to prefer not venturing into uncomfortable waters of own business. The truth is that the majority of people will tell you not for reasons that have nothing to do with you as a person. Sell your services or products is simply an exercise in the world of money. Just as you have to review a lot of oysters to find the perfect Pearl, you have to talk to a lot of people and listen to a bunch of times NO, to find a Yes.