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Dry Transformers

Oil transformers in hermetically sealed completely filled with transformer oil and do not have the expander, and the temperature changes its volume by heating and cooling are compensated volume change ripple tank walls. These transformers are filled with oil under vacuum, thereby increasing the electric strength of insulation. Dry transformer, as well as oil, consists […]

Tapping Screws

Choose tapping screws – a kind of screws to attach the modified material to the substrate without pre-drilling. Screws are different in many ways: type of socket screws Conical – Cone with notches – Crow – Loopback – Galetnaya – Hemispherical – Hex – Flat Types of screws Slots: – The cross – “Starlet” – […]


– Bellows filled with a substance with a high coefficient of thermal expansion (that is visibly changed its volume even with little heating or cooling). When the air temperature rises, accordion expands and presses on the valve, shut off the water in the radiator. When cooled, everything happens in reverse. " Setting the thermostat temperature, […]