Russian Federation

In any form (this may be indicated in a statement on a gross basis, or in the Representation) for consideration should provide information on the prospects and development plans of the mission, as well as business – relationships with partners in Russia and the options for further cooperation. We must also provide document containing information about the main activities planned mission. Together with all documents filed copy of the passport Head of Mission. If this representative – Russian subject, something from him fairly simple photocopies. If the future leader of representation on the territory of the Russian Federation a foreign citizen – that he is required notarized translation into Russian of his passport (Or any other identity card replaces passport).

It should also be emphasized that, if the head offices is a Russian citizen, then from it still requires a copy of the Certificate of his Tax registration (or in another way, a copy of the Certificate of assignment of TIN). It is also necessary to remember that all foreign documents submitted for consideration by the public authorities should contain a note about Consular legalization (so-called "Apostille"). However, it should carefully examine this issue, as with many countries in the Russian Federation has signed an agreement on the abolition of this procedure. If such Finally, there is a certain country, for documents from this country, the legalization is not required. At the same time, all provided for the accreditation documents should be certified or have any notary public, or consular post.