An Office

Must be well lighted, ventilated, clear, clean and only with those things that really going to need. Your desk should be a "place of creation" which exploit your talent. Clear, clean lightens things often. Put much effort into this because an unfavorable environment may negatively impact your performance and inspiration. And vice versa. Also, dress appropriately. Nothing to work in pajamas and no shower.

You have to be comfortable, of course, but maintaining composure and being rigorous and respectful of your work. Think you're in your office "surrounded" by other people. 3TU day is your "project" and your ultimate goal is absolutely necessary to have clear objectives for each day: what I have to complete tasks, what activities I do, do I have to finish. You have to be very clear and "grabartelo to fire" to start the day. That's all that counts now and I have to finish well to succeed. Get to work on it and without delay. (Really, I have no words to emphasize this point, is really the key to everything.) It is as if the day you were about to start a separate project, a "new product" that you have to throw everything goes …

in one day, begin it and finish it in the day. Do it with all your passion and energy. Also believes that "project" that is has an importance and impact on your work. Learn to savor the importance of everything you do. Rate in measure and see you face each task in a different way.