Bays Banistas

Only the city council of Bridge of the Congosto, apparently, has what there is to have so that people can bathe in her municipal term. It is not much, nevertheless, which nowadays demands the towns to them of Salamanca so that the personnel can take a public bath in the heat of nature. He is enough that a few neighbors are prepared to occur the dip, that is a beach species accessible where to make it, a signboard that indicates therefore it, and that the pertinent analyses of salubrity of the water have become. There she is the mother of the lamb, in the cost of those analyses. He is not that they are expensive, but with an economic crisis in which the city councils soon will not be able to pay to the sewage system nor the public lighting system, who bear to put more in zarandajas? Foresighted, it makes two years the Meeting less than eliminated the requirement to count on a medicine kit of first aid and a person who renders first aid. Somebody had to realise a calculation of probabilities and concluded that the well obtained saving was worth the risk of having a time dead in when.

And it is that, I feel much, but people die in beaches. And in the swimming pools. For that reason, the exigency of person who renders first aids. For that reason, and by the natural propensity to the imprudence of our species, in which always there are individuals to which a red flag, instead of to dissuade to them, it stimulates to them to go out to sea. Our beaches, marine as as much fluvial, every time are better and with services of more quality. But also every time there are more victims. The same happens in the scaling, the sports of risk and other propitious activities to the excess.

As much it is so a norm has had to pay attention one more stricter to practice them and a protocol on whom it has to pay the expensive ransom of the imprudent ones. In addition, clearly, the budgetary shortage reduces to the number of baeros and the hour cover of its monitoring. For that reason, I include/understand the good sense of the city councils of our province, that they prefer that the neighbors take a shower in house to put in a field of eggplants. And it is that the furnace is not for buns. Original author and source of the article.