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Pointing out deficiencies in people who want to write a biography already at a relatively young age, the desire results mostly from a special experience from something sucked up, exceptional. Migrants want to report about the difficulties of life in two cultures, homosexuals about their coming out, East German refugees want to write about their daring escape to the West, former drug addicts about the struggle against addiction”, Claudia Cremer identifies the biography subjects of these people. While the biographies of senior in relatives and friends find a small readership, the younger ones wishing that her work is widely published. You have to accuse the request, pointing to abuses and to justify their actions. The elderly is, however, mainly around the store, remember and not forget. Reader service: Those who want to know whether a biography for them even eligible, can this find free of charge on the Internet ( Biographer and ghostwriter Claudia Cremer is a biographer in Cologne.

She studied literature and worked before their independence as a German teacher at a secondary school. Her passion, writing biographies and biographical stories, has made the German scholar in 2008 to their fulltime occupation. Its customers include private individuals as well as companies who want to document their history in book form. In addition, Claudia Cremer writes as a ghostwriter for specialists and non-fiction writers. She is a member of the Association of German-language biographer and Biographinnen and accompanied its customers on the way to record your life history.

The result is a unique gift for relatives and friends. Company biographies are ideal for customers, business partners and employees. Information and contact: Claudia Cremer Konrad str. 11 50937 Koln Tel.: 0221 / 42 34 85 96 press contact: Dr. Michael Gandhi Colmantstr. 39 53115 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54