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Indeed, in the basis of this ornamental cookery is purely mythical economy. This revelation is a dream kitchen, which is confirmed by photographs in journals, where the dish required from the top, as a subject and a close and inaccessible, that you can actually consume unless vpriglyadku. It is in every sense of the word kazovye ostentation, for advertising – ed. Dish entirely magical in nature, especially when you consider that many readers of people with low incomes. " Lines from the book "Mythology" by R. Barth argued that the third millennium, nothing has changed. We are also irresistibly drawn to the glossy magazines, which shows another, perfect, amazing fashionable and beautiful world.

But this is all the machinations of advertisers, marketers and publicists. And then we remember that advertising is a lie! "The king is naked!" Indeed, advertising is often wishful thinking, but actually obtained as Pushkin, "Oh, do not fool me hard, I fooled myself happy." We are all inherently want to surround yourself with quality stuff, useful food, that is, we want the best. In this effort, and plays Advertising, constantly slipping pretty pictures. Thus, we are forcing advertising to embellish and exaggerate. Of course, there are exceptions, but very often the advertising is a screen, behind which lies just a desire to sell a product, in that whatsoever. And this we do not zainteresuesh. What should I do? And here arises the main question.

Can not spoof ads? Maybe. And this, in fact, not her problem. No matter how trite, but the decision in the hands of the manufacturer: need to create a really cool product, so even had to lie not on what it wonderful. Then the advertising will not be the impetus for a new mythology, that is, will not talk about what there is in fact not be cultivate faith in the non-existent property buyers of the goods. And will be a genuine means of communication with the consumer, communication channel, which is passed on the news related to the goods and the characteristics product. It could be your advertising on the Internet, there are many sources that provide information related to the scope of advertising, but in this article we would like to draw your attention to the portal PR Tools (, which free of charge to provide for their area layout, which means it is just a channel of communication. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that any ad agency can place your information: description of the scope of activities, news about advertising on the Company's solutions (such as a portfolio), articles on advertising (Articles about PR, articles about PR, articles on marketing) and advertising events (conferences, seminars, trainings, etc.) . And besides addition, PR Tools included in the group portals CORP Tools, which is positioned as a tool for business success. CORP Tools integrates eight portals covering various areas (HRM, ERP, CRM, BI, BRAND, PR, SAFE, PS), and allows the Company to any level at any stage of finding the right solutions to grow your business. Therefore, playground PR Tools is a tool to search for interesting advertising agencies, useful articles, news and events. And in conclusion … American writer and actor Will Rogers once rightly observed that if the money spent on advertising, would spend to improve the product, it would not need advertising. We add that if they spend money on advertising, then with the mind, ingenuity and inventiveness. For example, to adopt the slogan "once and amaze!" From the movie "Hitch Method." And, as the saying goes, people will be pulled towards you. Good luck!