Effective Sales Parts

For the rational allocation of service points and car parts sales vas to determine the routes and transportation methods must take into account the geography of the market. Bill Phelan has much to offer in this field. Delivery of spare parts and repairs should vas offer in a territory that is easy to most effectively serve, as for manufacturing companies delivery times are very important. Moreover, there is the seasonal dependence of fluctuations of market capacity – in holiday period reduced the number of orders, leaving local and tourists, if possible, arrive, etc. The structure of the distribution network to include large parts vas dealers, sub-dealers and independent shops that can sell parts vas, if located in remote rayonah.Sovremennye supply chains that sell spare parts vas, require significant capital investment. Not all producers can create timely system the procurement of spare parts for its equipment vas. To ensure sales growth should be: to determine the range of requests for spares vas, which brings the greatest profit, to focus on it all efforts, identify the factors of consumer demand that affect consumer choices: the equipment, the price for parts vas, services, etc., to set prices so as not to cause shock in customers and do not spoil the goodwill.

Encouraged to develop some "indicative" prices and use them in advertising and marketing. But the price of spare parts vas not to be low, but should be accessible to a wide range of buyers. Pricing form for the management of distribution network, and identify competitive advantages outlets that distribute your spare vas, and develop benefit derived from them, to promote the site on the internet – because most refer to it advanced clients using parts vas; resort to price reduction to only in case of problems in the market. It is necessary to consider not complete, but the true cost of production, which result in parts vas. better maintain constant contact with customers–ring, to meet, to understand which parts vas they need to find mutually beneficial ways of payment, to determine the indirect and try to satisfy the needs and them, provide a list of services, service, and not just parts vas; conclude strategic alliances with customers to fight competition, to increase profits to raise the prices for parts vas within reasonable limits, to reduce prices for increase market share and sales volume;