Eugenio Fontaneda Cars

Lois: Spanish manufacturers of this denim clothes tried to give a French flair to the denomination of your brand. They thought that Lois was the translation of the masculine name Luis, into that language. When in reality it is Louis. Lucky Strike: Its creator, Dr. R.A. Patterson, associated its tobacco with the Californian prospectors.

Hence arose the name of Lucky Strike or stroke of luck. Mafalda: Quino created this comic strip as advertising support for a company of electrical appliances. The name of Mafalda was intended to remind the brand name. Handle: Isak Andic, owner of this fashion firm, had everything ready for launch: Paseo de Gracia about to open, store merchandise, personnel, authorisations, only missing name!. I was looking for a brand with hook, easy to remember and to, moreover, sound practically the same in any language. A mission that seemed impossible, until the employer agreed to a trip to the Philippines, where it had tested the handle first. This sweet and strong, almost unprecedented fruit in Spain, and that he had hit him then, was just the name I wanted to. He ran to the record and had the luck of a nobody had occurred you before using it.

It was in 1984. Maria: This most famous cookie brand is the the name of the granddaughter of the founder of the company, Eugenio Fontaneda. Mercedes: These cars name corresponds to a Viennese Girl of eleven years, daughter of a Lady of Spanish origin, married the merchant and consul general, Emil Jellinek, an enthusiast of incipient motor racing from the beginning of the 20th century. The consul makes an important order for a new design to Daimler, inventor and automobile manufacturer, with the proposition of these cars give the name of his daughter Mercedes. This name had so much acceptance that it was decided so in calling all cars of Daimler.