European System

For several years now, the national police has been discussing the enormous responsibility of maintaining the bourgeois state. In a question-answer forum Linkedin was the first to reply. thus to those who handle such as social class in power. The class is in power shields on them to sustain their foul system of slavery and misery. But now when he was given as a gift to participate in elections as a way to please the haberles taken his position as human beings in society, and only argue that they are the guards of the system and therefore are not deliberative, as bourgeois constitution says it is you want to pair them serve as a support, but also making them third-class citizens without rights and only with the sole duty of defending the demo system I call bourgeois bourgeois dictatorship. Must see this police strike which has been reporting for the past several months and one might even say a couple of years, first with the clandestine organization of the police union.

A system which State counterintelligence have been unable to avert, or even see how it was organized. And is that the police family need is great. You can not live with salaries that are far below the basic family basket and the three bordering my soles, much more than a thousand dollars. It seems unreal because with this same amount in other countries of the European community living decently. The real for example that we pay the most expensive gasoline in the world, despite being direct producers, the same goes for domestic gas which is used by most households in our countries.